on the FSX-Server of root24.de!
We're running FSX with the Acceleration pack.
If you want to fly with us, feel free to join us on the server. To join the game, make sure you've got the FSX Acceleration pack installed.

Quickstart guide:
- Start FSX
- click on 'MULTIPLAYER'
- choose 'Local network'
- type in your playername and click on 'SIGN IN'.
- In the next window click on "Connect directly...'.
- Now you had to type in the IP adress of our server:

- Now click on the 'FIND SESSIONS' button and you'll be logged in.

Choose your aircraft and where you want to start your flight - welcome on our server!
If you want to fly more often on our server we recommend to register a fixed callsign, so you are able to watch yourself flying on a google earth map.



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